Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Noah seems to be motoring along [not literally] just fine. He will be in somewhat protected waters for awhile now until he reaches the north end of Cod Island.

Weather still very unsettled, started out nice yesterday with temperatures warming up. Soon after noon it cooled and clouds and rain moved in; must be realy hard scheduling planes for sure.

In the morning we were down the airstrip seeing some people off. A charter arrived while we were there [heading for the Torngat Park no less] and disgorged it’s passengers while re fueling.

So people were standing around chit chatting and the like when a reasonably well known citizen of Nunatsiavut came up to me and said, “Hi Brian, come and I will introduce you to the Premier”.

“No thanks” [or words to that effect] was my replay. Said citizen looked a little taken back but pressed on trying to convince me to go meet the premier.

Any way we had a good chat on other issues the best we could what with the buzz of the chit chat and the engines of twin otters coming and going.

It is nothing personal. On the one hand I appreciate that said citizen would think of me in that light, I may have appeared rude, but I have always had a thing about meeting people high up the political ladder. It makes me uncomfortable and with age I have decided that if I do not what to meet these people then I will not. I have no agenda to move ahead using contacts in the private or public domain, and that sure is what it seems like to me with all this glad handing.

With a couple of plane loads of people standing outside the very small and decrepit airport terminal I wonder if any of the peeps bothered to discuss a new airstrip, or at least a larger terminal for Nain, with the Premier. Or perhaps that was not the time nor place?

On reflection maybe I should have taken up the intro?


MargaretJ said...

Was this a case of "strike while the iron's hot?"

Sean Lyall said...

I wish I had that opportunity B

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Strike while hot, miss opportunity, but knowing a little of the airstrip file I feel I would have gotten a hot poker some place.

At least Sean the were lots of your Relies within NG Sean to take up the gauntlet on your behalf.

rabbitpie256 said...

go noah go!!!!!!

Labrador Muskrats said...

You're a lot like me, who cares if she came or not, day still goes on. Her reason to be there is not genuine, pre-election tour is about the size of it. And do you address her as "Your Grace", "Your Majesty"? Yeah, right...