Thursday, May 06, 2010

You dirty rat.

Wow, those two hours of partly sunny weather yesterday morning were amazing, short live but amazing all the same.
Quickly back to cloud then light snow for the rest if the day, and no sign of the golden orb in the 7 day forecast either.

Though the temperature was around 0 the wind chill was in the -10 range which made for good walking in the hills. The top crust on the snow was thick enough to hold me without the unexpected crash through up to the thighs that happens in warmer temps.

Beside the election excitement [which garnered little public talk] the other big story has been the discovery of a Norway rat in town last week.

I must admit to giving rats little thought, coming from were I do rats were a common sight. So it came as a surprise to learn that rats are [historically] not known to inhabit this area, though they must be known in other parts of Labrador.

Since the latest discovery it has come to light that several rats have been seen around town in recent times.

Now the speculation starts on how they got here, and why.

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