Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yo soy una máquina para fabricar pan.

Some days it is not advisable to look out the window on arising. Today [unlike Monday] is one of those days, it's snowing folks! Still we are all grateful and thankful for the one sunny day.

Long day in and out of the kitchen, two batches of bread takes time. First set of pictures show some of the stages of making bread [for those who don't get the time to make their own] wholewheat/rye batch
Below is the second batch of bread, white this time and after a long day with the dough a nice repast of steak, snags, mushroom and onions was much appreciated, even if I did to cook it myself.


Table Mountains said...

geeze brian,
you would not believe the effect that is having on some of us here today!thanks!

Brian said...

Getting lots of hits from newfoundwebbers Wayne ;-]