Saturday, May 08, 2010

High overcast early but now that the sun has come up [we can only assume that is the case] the fog is rolling in somewhat. Few more days of this yet.

I have noticed nothing in the provincial media covering the Canadian Constituency results put out yesterday by NG. Actually there has been little to no coverage of the assembly elections except for CKOK and CBC HV-GB in the lead up.

For sure there has been no analytical reporting on the elections or the candidates. I found Facebook a good source of information, some pages were bias to the candidate [and why not] and other pages full of very critical information from people making comments of one type or other. Problem is with no corroborating evidence these muddy the waters and become more entertainment than informative.

So as I see it the make up of the new assembly to be sworn in next week in Hopedale goes like this.

President: who is elected in a different election by all eligible beneficiaries.

Ten ordinary members, who have just been elected, see below.

  1. Canada - 2 Members (Provides representation for all Labrador Inuit citizens residing in places in Canada outside of the other constituencies)
  2. Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Northwest River and Mud Lake - 2 Members
  3. Hopedale - 1 Member
  4. Makkovik - 1 Member
  5. Nain - 2 Members
  6. Postville - 1 Member
  7. Rigolet - 1 Member

Five mayors from the five North coast communities in Nunatsiavut.

Two chairs of the Inuit Community Corporations in the Lake Melville region.

This makes a total of eighteen [18] assembly members.

I guess with just a little more effort they could have come up with a more complicated and convoluted set up, maybe they just ran out of time.

The breakdown of the new ordinary members is:

Three women.

Six new members.

Four returning members.

So with the inclusion of the mayors and chairs the new assembly will be more representative of society than the old, except of course in the area of fluency in Inuktitut.

Only two members are able to speak Inuktitut, both are representing Nain. I stand to be corrected on this as I am not fully familiar with Susan Nochasak and her language abilities. She must have some ability as she teaches Inuttut in the school there, please excuse me if I am incorrect.

I wish them all well and hope that some of the wrinkles in the NG structure and management can be ironed out in due course. Or to be more honest sooner rather than later.

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