Monday, May 03, 2010

The weekend was full of good news; the Habs winning the hard way was just one of the good news stories, brightened things up for sure.

Weather wise we managed to see very brief glimpses of the sun; just enough to reassure us that it is still out there.

Planes managed to get in yesterday despite the ever changing ceiling.

The picture taken Saturday has enough sun through the clouds to get a refection in the water on top of the ice.

Most people have their ski doos put away fro the season but some still go out, mostly hoping for a geese.


The Voyage of The WANDERBIRD said...

Hi Brian. How is that fellow and his wife doing out there in t'hice?
Haven't read of them much on here or anywhere? Cheers, Rick

Brian said...

They be hunkered down waiting for the ice to free them, last reported on 19 April, no chance of anyone getting to them now in these conditions.
They have sat phone and are well prepared, so no problems foreseen

Shammickite said...

I really like that photo of the reflection of the hills in the ice.