Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nice holiday weekend weather wise, mostly sunny and if you were out of the wind yesterday it seemed warmer than the official +8, not so windy Sunday.

Sunday there were people all out down the northern point, some walking out on the ice, others taking small boats out towards open water. Others just checking on conditions and spying on the seals sunning out in the harbor, you needed binoculars to see them, not sure of the numbers but a lot would best describe.

At the same time yesterday there was nary about half a dozen down there, must have been the clouds and the cool north winds.

I was chatting with the Pentecostal Pastor [PP] here in Nain on Sunday, nice guy to have a chat with.

Seems he and his wife are heading out on the first boat and calling it quits here, going back to the Island and work on a house they have purchased.

I mentioned that it is a shame to see them go; PP replied that there is nothing to keep them here; people don’t turn out so he is taking a year break from pastoring.

I asked if there was any one slated to take his place, my last recollection was that there was a dearth of Pentecostal pastors on the island.

Not so now it seems as PP said they do not have anyone in mind and now there is a shortage of pastors and no one seems interested in a remote location.


Old Brooktrout said...

But wait a second, isn't he the local contact for truenorth ministries?

Brian said...

Wash your mouth out Brookie.

No sir, this guy represents the legitimate [if there is such a thing] Pentecostal church of N & L.
All I was saying is that he and his wife were pleasant to talk to in passing on the road. Cant say as much for the representative for TNA.

Old Brooktrout said...

I see--I thought they were trying to work through the Pentecostals. I remember the Pentecostal Minister ten years ago as an interesting guy to talk to. There's some big Pentrecostal movements across the North--funny it doesn't appeal to Nainimiuks.

You guys passing through BC at all on your jaunt?

Brian said...

Just a layover of 11/2 hours early on the 9th. Pity, maybe next year for a few days or so.