Wednesday, May 05, 2010

First the bad news: Montréal lost game 3, surprisingly Fran is not overly upset, can’t say same for others.

Now the really bad news: Of the seven incumbents in yesterdays ordinary members elections for the Nunatsiavut Assembly three managed to scrape back in. Ok scrape is not the correct term in Upper Lake Melville and Rigolet.

But overall there is a clear message; NG needs to clean up its act.

Then comes the extraordinary bad news: I broke down and purchased a large loaf of bakers whole wheat bread yesterday……………….god damn awfully it is.
Oh well, the folks will just have to hold there nose because I am having a brief hiatus from baking, there is still some home made white.

My post yesterday seems to have scared the bejasus out of a lot of people, the voter turn out is quite good, the exception being Makkovik who came in at under 50%.

The rest of the communities varied from 57 to 71 % with Hopedale taking out the highest percentile.

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