Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some sort of a morning or what?

Ice sort of disappeared out of the harbor overnight. Lots of boats going hether and yither and yon, lucky bastards.

CKOK had an interview with a chap from the Food Mail Review Team yesterday, not much information there pertaining to how we will be affected by the new Nutrition North Program.

CBC HV-GB Labrador Morning are saying they will try and interview retailers and such next week on what they know of the new program. Given the program has just been announced I doubt much information will be garnered from those interviews at this time.

An editorial in the Nunatsiaq News points out some things to keep an eye on as the new program is rolled out. It also does not mention Labrador highlighting the fact we are a very small part of the overall program, therefor more need to be vigilant one would suppose.

Boy, I would give an eye tooth for some reporting like the NN does in our neck of the woods.

Up to +15 at the house, 12 official yesterday.

The char started biting yesterday afternoon down the northern point and Apisi, panic stations with the rods boy.

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Shammickite said...

Well, that definitely puts an end to walking on the lake for a while!