Friday, May 28, 2010

Not much information to garner in Labrador from the new Nutrition North program, that’s the one to replace the food mail subsidy.

No retailers or their bosses have heard boo, nor wholesalers or airlines nor our MP in hOttawa have heard a peep as to how the new program will play out in Labrador.

No surprise really, after all we are just a little mouse alongside the big elephant of the program over all.

There are of course speculations; one is that it won’t affect us here. I can’t see it not affecting us, after all the deliverer of the present program, Canada Post, will be out of the picture.

One thing of concern for most would be the fact only one out of the three announced delivers in the rest of the north operate here in Northern Labrador, and they only have stores in Rigolet and Nain, that being the North West Company.

Cloudy early but the sun is out and we are up to +8 already.

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