Saturday, May 08, 2010

Have a great day to all the Muvers out there.

What with all this shitty weather we have been having I was pleasantly surprised to see some fresh flowers available in Northern the other day.

There were several types in bunches but I decided to get the one rose [they looked a little fresher] for little François.

I put it in a vase near the photos and art work.

Later that evening little François was home and talking for quite a bit before she let out a big long Oooooooooooo. I wondered what the hell she was Ooooooooooooooo at until I realized she had noticed the rose.

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Shammickite said...

Happy Mothers Day, Fran!
That lovely yellow rose is really special. Enjoy it!
My 2 boys + their wives + 2 grandsons are taking me and the other Grandma to Swiss Chalet tonight for Mother's Day chicken dinner... yummy.