Thursday, May 06, 2010

Little snow bombs!

In case there is anyone out there that thinks we are joking or misleading about our weather this picture was taken around 8:30 this morning.

Lot of snow still on the hills and these little snow bombs are a constantly coming and going.

Update or afternoon edition: Walking down the road this morning Fran commented “the roads are nice and smooth”. They were, with fresh snow of top of the frozen gravel and pot holes.

After Fran went her way Siutik and I continued on down to the dump to look for rats.

Kidding about the rats but we did head on down that way, bloody cold n all with north wind pushing the snow and freezing rain into us. I was not dressed for this but did have my tinted safety goggles to keep the driven snow out of my eyes.

Different story with the roads this afternoon, roads have thawed and all the pot holes are full of water, plus the wind has dropped but it is rain and we snow falling.

Thursdays are usually the day the fresh food is flown in, guess what? Air Labrador [who has the Canada Post contract for these things] was pro active and got things organized to bring the Thursday shipment in last evening. What with the lousy weather of late and the last two shipments being well delayed due to weather this is a good thing for the Nain consumers. Some nice looking produce too, just have to close your eyes or ignore the price tags.

Canada Post is not co operating in the attempts in the pro active attempts I have heard. Several times Air Lab have tried to get Canada Post guys up to the airport to ship stuff to the coast outside the agreed upon hours and days. You see, someone from Canada Post has to be on hand for quility control and check that non acceptable goods under the program are not shipped. As anyone on the coast could attest, the quility control inspections are almost non existent. Just recently a freight plane arrived in Nain, when the doors were opened there was an overwhelming odor of onions that hit the people on the ground.

As the shipment was off loaded there was onion juice squishing and squirting all over.

With these continued problems with Canada Post there is apparently a letter being sent off to our MP in Ottawa and to INAC, the programs funding agency by a retailer in conjunction with the wholesalers in Goose Bay.

Speaking of INAC, it must be getting near time they released the results of the program revision that has been under way for well over a year.

All I can say is amen to that.


Shammickite said...

The rats must be finding somewhere nice and warm for the winter or they would never be able to survive the harsh weather. I assume they came into nain on one of the vsisting ships?
Not long now till your jaunt to the sunshine, you must be getting excited!

Brian said...

A mystery as yet how the rats got here.

The sunshine awaits, even the alleged chilly + 10 degrees looks inviting.

You want to contact me at to organize a cup of tea and a Vegemite sandwich on our way through TO?