Saturday, May 22, 2010

A nice simple albeit colorful repast of salmon cakes roasted vegetables and Fran’s favorite, brussels sprouts.

We had a nice day yesterday, plus 6 with a cooling breeze, it had people out and about though. Looks like some sunny breaks into next week.

More open water appears everyday now, people working on the boats and getting their rods oiled up ready for action.

The GD had an eventful week, did a 300 mile cross country flight to Timmins Ont. GD flew out and the boyfriend did return trip. The eventful part was on the return, bad weather and lightening forced them back to Sudbury, stuck there two days before they were able to proceed.

I hope CBC North does not mind but I just have to share this comment from their story on the "New Northern Food Subsidy Unveiled".

From Ovilok in Cambridge Bay:

I grow very tired of the i'm tired of my tax dollars being used to support the north, or rednecks dictating what should be in my traditional diet etc....mentality.

The fact of the matter is that not everyone in this country lives on Young St. crammed into an apartment building. We Northerners don't need to apologise for where we live or the fact that tax dollars go to support programs here. We pay taxes too and we have the highest cost of living in the country.We have been here for thousands of years and would still be living a traditional lifestyle if outsiders hadn't interfered with it in their greed for furs, whaling, sealing, Northwest passage, etc (remember-any of that sound familiar ?) and imposed themselves upon us. Now you're paying for it. So am I. Tough. Shut up!

Outsiders reaped wealth from the North for centuries, we are your presence in the North supporting Arctic sovereignty, we have a wealth of resources which are just begining to be unearthed. Business 'Up Here" is starting to boom. We must have something good about us because God knows enough of you Southerners have no problem coming up here to work or joint venturing with Inuit businesses using Land Claim loop holes to get awarded pubic and private contracts.You use us and we use you and that is the way of the world. Live with it.

This program is badly needed. If nothing else think of the average Joe who earns minimum wage (I know you are thinking that everyone here is somehow making big bucks but our minimum wage is the same as yours). How far do you think the paycheck will go when you have to pay $4-5 for a litre of milk, $6-8 for a half dozen oranges etc....or if we weren't getting a subsidy for water paying about $600 a month for that service. Or $800 a month for electricity.

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