Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No pretty pictures but I cooked up a mean asparagus/leek/bacon frittata last evening, served with a nice salad and fries, good as restaurant food IMO, then I would say that wouldn’t I?

After a nice mainly sunny day yesterday we are back into the cloudiness stuff again, something seems to be afoot by the smell of the air.

The NG assembly is due to meet in Hopedale tomorrow to swear in the new assembly members and I thing to elect/choose the new ministers.
One thing for sure the NG assembly does not waste time with all this house sitting mumbo jumbo, in to Hopedale today, meet tomorrow and leave Friday. Makes one wonder why such a large contingent of members is needed when the house sits so very rarely and for such short time frames when they do.

As a matter of fact I would suggest that there are a number of people who do more for the people in the area on a volunteer basis than some of these ordinary members of NG, for sure the volunteers I have in mind put more time and effort into what they do.

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