Monday, May 31, 2010

Not a bad weekend overall weather wise, some cloud, some sun some wind, some people catching char some not.

Over in Apisi Bay [next bay over behind Nain hill] Saturday there were lots of people scattered all along the shore. Some fishing others enjoying the day with a fire and boil up and some even picking muscles. Pity about the dump being there but it has to go somewhere.

This morning around 8:30 we made an executive decision to try and leave today instead of Wednesday.
So we managed to get on the Air Lab morning flight out of here, rushed around then had a call from the agent that the flight would not leave GB until 10:30 or so. Then another call informing us that a reconfiguration in flights has been made, two fights have been turned into one and we will be informed when the flight is due here.
So we wait.

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Shammickite said...

So the long journey to the other side of the world has started! I'll give you a call at the Hotel on Sunday.