Monday, May 17, 2010

Been feeling like the weather, bloody blah.

And someone whose name I won’t mention but starts with Fran is going to be even more blah this morning what with the Canadians on the wrong end of a 6 zip score.

But a little up tic as we notice that two Ozzies had a good weekend with Webber winning in Monaco and Scott winning in Texas.

I am hesitant to mention this but here goes anyway: There are patches of blue across the sky this morning.
When you have gone this long with gray, fog and precipitation any little ray of brightness is encouraging. We will see how it plays out later in the day.

The photo above was taken just before 6 this morning, since then it has clouded over for the most part with some curly dark clouds and the odd blue. The people that know these things say that a high pressure front is pushing into the area from the west, lets hope it has more pressure than the lows that keep pushing in from the east.

Just came in a bit from soaking up the rays, feels good man. Just spoke to GB, we seem to be the only place with sun on the coast, getting back to the good old days.

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Shammickite said...

Never mind, that was only Game 1. Lots of time to score some goals.