Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Warm out yesterday, one fella quipped “this is the third spring we have had this winter”.

Light freezing drizzle had formed a thick crust on the snow, with no sun it did not melt even in the + 5 temperatures.
It was like walking on wet eggshells, safest place was the road where the ski doo tracks had broken the thick crust, venture off the road and it was skate hell, or heaven depending on your skill sets in that area.

Yesterday I was reminded of the communications black out from earlier this month. You see I have this obsession about avoiding interest charges on credit cards if at all humanly possible.

During the black out one of my cards was due for payment so I sent the full amount due by snail mail with a nice little note explaining what had happened and asking for their understanding.

They understood alright, interest on late payment arrived in the latest statement yesterday. It’s not a lot of money but the fact it was not my fault will grate on me.

Actually it was the weathers and Aliant’s fault. In retrospect if you look at the tower that was downed by ice it looks to be a tad overloaded with equipment, I wonder if this played a role in weakening the structure at all.

Which brings me to the point of all this rambling; we have not heard boo from Aliant since the tower down incident, except for December/January statement for phone and internet. Nothing in there like a credit for lost internet time. Perhaps it will be addressed in the February statement, stranger things have happened.

This video below is for Kirk, who has all these modern communications gadgets and uses them extensively to keep in touch with his family and work mates down south.

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