Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have received the promised letter from NL Hydro re the estimating leading to some customers being over billed for the month of January; I assume all other customers have received theirs.

Some highlights:

“Immediate steps will be taken to correct the bills and prevent this from happening again”.

“Currently reviewing every residential customers bill in Nain and will apply a credit where applicable. Hydro will redistribute customer’s electricity usage over September to November to align with the First Block of energy usage for each month during this period. Hydro will determine where credits apply and reissue a new electricity bill by the end of January”.

Hydro are also promising to accommodate customers needs if they are finding it difficult to pay the entire revised bill in one go.
They are also revising their estimating procedures and put measures in place to assure accurate estimating of meters as required and make every effort to minimize the frequency of having to estimate meters and the re occurrence of the situation.

I had some nice feed back on the blog from a lady in Edmonton via third hand. Mary is a Nainimuk now living out there and she gets a kick out of the photographs and little bits and pieces of life here now.

I inadvertently hit the reject button on a comment; see below.
Brian: Your photos are amazing. Have you thought about putting together a book of them? They are a glipse into the REAL Nain. Also thought you might like to read a new Blog put together by a young man from here who is travelling Austraila (and the world). "Bobby Sprinkles" Good photos and a read. From Lynne in St. Catharines.

That should have a small minority pulling at their nose hairs, ho ho ho.

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Shammickite said...

the squeaky wheel gets the grease.... so it pays to complain loudly when you are wronged.