Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some shots taken around town over the last ten days. Not a lot of sunshine to be seen for sure, good thing we take vitamin C and D daily.

Also there are some photos of the downed tower that caused all the communications troubles, quite the site?

Despite some grumblings to the contrary I think Aiant’s crews did a bang up job in getting temporary fixes to the phones and internet services, especially considering the location and the weather these past several weeks.
Aliant also made sure that sat phones were distributed to each community for emergency use.

That’s not to say that there does not need to be a review of what technologies can be put in place in case of any future similar event, but I think the time for that is when everything is back up and running, not in the middle of the crisis.

Northern in Nain also did a great community service by allowing people on EI to file there claim on their intranet service. Northern has their own dish and satellite uplink, some how it was configured into the regular internet. CKOK also took advantage of that service to download the weather forecast for their broadcasts, so great job there Boyd and Northern.
Now about those prices!

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