Friday, January 29, 2010

The forecasted snow storm has been working it's way up the coast and arriving here as I write.
Plane just landed, in the nick of time I would think. If you don't here from me for awhile then the towers are down again...........just kidding.

I am also just back from the stores, three time going down to check on the fresh food supplies and finely rewarded.
Some nice looking asparagus, strawberries [don't ask the price] cucumber, lemons, green onions, brussel sprouts. And I just had a call saying that Northern has another delivery on the way up to the store from the airstrip, and Big land has some on another plane if it gets down out of the storm clouds.

Which leads me to say that the delivery of the food by mail is breaking down again just like before. Who's fault it is I have no idea at this time, but if it keeps up this way one will make inquiries sure.

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