Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yep, more weather stuff.

Yesterday was a stark contrast to the previous, from walking on wet eggshells to walking on wet soggy marshmallows.

Took the dog out on the ice for a frolic, one of Siutiks regular play fellows hooked up with us on the way.

I can’t remember ever being ably to stroll along the harbor ice in January in LL beans before.

Meanwhile down in Makkovik they have open water in their harbor; a 91 year old resident said that “the Northern Ranger would have no trouble getting into the dock”.

While out on the walk several planes landed and took off and on arrival back home the hockey helmeted [sans helmets] crowd mentioned in a previous post walked passed in orderly fashion. To the casual observer it looks like there are quite a few ‘independent thinkers’ in this year’s daycare class.

Today we have -17 with wind chills of -26 or so, slightly down from the +2 of yesterday.

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