Tuesday, January 26, 2010

+1 with light drizzle on the 26th January, not right it is. Update, wow +1 to + 5 in three hours, not right it is for sure.

I did not have my camera [darn] but caught sight of the young men parading from the hall to the church yesterday celebrating young men’s day.

On the way home another sight for sore eyes, the kids from the day care going down the road on the back of ski doos and in a komatik [modern version]. All the kids were wearing black hockey helmets, looked real cute especially about 5 black helmeted heads lines up in the komatik.

An update on the Hydro billing issue from CBC Labrador Morning podcast.

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Table Mountains said...

it's been an exceptional winter here on the southwest coast of the island. can't find enough snow to make a snowball.