Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wow, those visuals from Haiti are horrific. Bodies piled up in the streets, some being unceremoniously dumped into rough hewn mass graves.

Badly injured people lying in the streets with what appears to be no medical attention for most.

This is not only a natural disaster; it is a disaster of the poor.

There appears to be very little heavy lifting equipment and I have not seen any teams of rescue experts with sniffer dogs from other countries as yet.

People here are very lucky in the scale of things, makes one wonder even more what these evangelicals that are praying on the unaware and closed minded folk here and the uninformed folk in the south are really all about.

January weather has returned: -22 with wind chill of -39 is considered normal January weather. No news on the Paul’s on Gypsy Life. They are only 15 K from here but it may as well be 15 thousand k. Then again some traveling on the ice should be OK soon.

We installed wireless internet in the house this week, after Aliant had repaired the downed system that is.

A guy staying with us promptly pulled out his Blackberry and started making ‘free’ phone calls to the US [they can be made to anywhere in the world over wireless internet apparently], you learn things every day eh?

Then again if you factor in the cost of the blackberry and the cost of the monthly plan they are not so ‘free’ after all. Still it is sure a handy tool.

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Anonymous said...

Those poor souls in Haiti have enough problems without inflicting SLM on them !! (LOL) from Lynne in St. Catharines. P.S. really missed your blog when your tower came down. Glad to hear you are going wireless.