Monday, January 04, 2010

Neither rain nor sleet nor freezing rain nor painful knees will keep us from our walk. Anyway Siutik gets very fussy if she is not out the door by 11.

So we are walking down towards Northern Point enjoying all these passing crappy weather patterns and there are ski doos with people and luggage going by. Wishful thinkers think us.

At the airstrip there is quite a crowd of potential passengers and well wishers to see then off. Wishful thinkers we think again.

Then out of the fog and sleet to the east comes this shape of a plane, once down below 800 feet they can se the runway. Mind you that can be a bit hairy when there are 1000 + foot hills all around you.

We participated in a somewhat tearful farewell for the granddaughter and her boyfriend who are back to flight school and niece Tracy and her family who are moving to Goose Bay for three years.

So as predicted yesterday the granddaughter did not get stuck in Nain, but she may have well have. For she and boyfriend are stuck in Goose bay until Thursday. Their connecting flight to Halifax was delayed a couple of hours, this meant they would miss there connections for points further on.

So rather than being stuck in Halifax they decided on being stuck in Goose Bay was the better option.

Add to that Innu Mikun lost a piece of the Granddaughters luggage [not sure how you do that on a flight from YDP to YYR, but they can]. I bet you don’t read or hear about any of the above in any media, no sir, it is a matter of course for North Coasters, no bitching and screaming and whining like those in more populated areas.

After all that excitement it was a soggy rather quite and lonely walk back home via Northern for some apples to make apple sauce to go with the roast pork.

Another exciting week ahead judging by the weather forecast so stay tuned.

There be something wrong with these here readings. You all take care down there with those hard freeze warnings here.


The Pathfinder said...

Yes, folks are getting irritated with the weather. Sort of odd watching snows sweep across Texas, Mississippi and Alabama. And it's insanely cold for us down here. Yesterday there were brief flurries south of us in Florida. I understand parts of the Carolinas have some 100 year winter records that may be broken.

Lost luggage from Nain to Goose? Is that code for someone made off with it? Let's hope it flew on someplace else for later discovery.

The Pathfinder said...

Should have guessed it! Snow forecast for Southern Georgia on Thursday evening-lol