Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A pictorial break from all this [alleged] negativism [for some] of the goings on around town.

Took these shots along the shore of Unity Bay. Gives a reasonable visual of the ice conditions as they stand today.

There have been a couple of guys in town giving some familiarization workshops with council crew on the operation of the snow plough.
After several go a rounds things are looking very good. The roads are smoother and wider now, and speaking for my self much appreciated that’s for sure.

One of the guys has 23 years experience in giving instruction on these types of machines; he said that these conditions are the toughest he has tackled.
Must be all that early snow then thawing and freezing and thawing then drizzle and rain and freezing again.

Finely one of the nice steak meal we had a couple of evenings ago.

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The Pathfinder said...

Asparagus! Despite never liking it, I keep buying it every blue moon. Bought a really pretty bunch Wednesday, and though it looks great steamed, still fails the taste test!