Friday, January 15, 2010

The temperatures are still above the norms but are getting down in the mid to high minus teens, that is good for thickening the ice, but one should still take care.

Word is that our MP was in town yesterday, hugging seniors, giving them rides home from the resource center and stuff like that, as usual nothing substantial.

Not so much a correction than an update: I noticed this morning a notice up on the bulletin board in the post office advising of a round table or some such at the Atsanik Lodge for the evening of the 14th put on by our MP.
The notice was dated the 13th out of the MP’s Ottawa office. It was date stamped the 14th by the post office for posting on the board.
Not very good notice but par for the course up here by politicians and bureaucrats of all stripes. No matter how many times it is pointed out by all and sundry to these people that more notice is needed nothing changes.

Todd is still glad handing it this morning I noticed.

Next week is shaping up to be a busy one; court will be in town, then more politicos.

Word is that 3 to 4 ministers of the provincial crown will be on hand at a public meet and greet. How does the spiel go again? Oh yes, “it will give the new minister [Transport for one] a chance to get a good feel for the place and the people”. Load of hogwash that is.
I would prefer an open public forum where people could speak their minds and for the politicos to sit and listen. Fat chance of that though.

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