Monday, January 07, 2013

Well that was sure a weekend from hell.

First the long power outage Saturday, thankfully repaired by crew before the wind and low temps hit Sunday. Lot of tension and stress on folks as the winds hit 85 clicks and the temperatures dropped to -25 giving -45 wind chills.

Then light snow fell giving whiteout conditions.

Then the temperature rose to -13 overnight, boy what a difference.

Now we have been warned (via the MHA for Torngat Mountains) that a scheduled outage is pending when weather and temperatures permit. The outage is to do a more permanent repair on the temporary repair on the faulty engine.

I must add that our town council has been absent during this power situation, very poor form indeed, but alas true to form.

The severe chills did not stop the nalujuk (old Christmas day) from getting out, though the main event was in the school gym, a family event as apposed to people roaming around getting chased and hit by nalujuk.

Photo by Mary Tuglavina of Nain.

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Darren Robertson said...

Cool collection of Nalujuk! I would love to post that on my FB page!