Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last week 50 people gathered in Kuujjuaq around a round table ( I wonder if it was really round or diagonal) to agree to have a future meeting in April.

Seems like some groups did not have there ducks lined up. Like its not like the decline of the caribou heard has not been known for some years.

Two groups arrived at the table with a plan, another group said it had to take it back to their members, other groups have been silent.

No NL provincial attendance, strange that, after all it is the province who holds all the cards when it comes to policy, legislation and enforcement in this province.

Totally unrelated: There have been sightings (from the air) of caribou in the Border Beacon area. Size of sightings vary from 50 to many hundreds.

Ha, told you it was not a round table.

 Photo via of Nunatsiaq News.

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