Monday, January 21, 2013

Well frig the wind I says, and so does most others in town.

We had a nice respite from wind and wind chills yesterday, nice -20 with chills to -24. Thankful too as we had a scheduled power outage from 1 to 3.

We took a walk during the outage, over around ball field, out on ice to airstrip then back. It was surprisingly warm on the ice, no wind at all but wind when we got back on land and into the community.

A few people had wood stoves going but for the most part the wood stove chimneys were devoid of smoke.

The power was restored 25 minutes early, a good thing.
Not so lucky were people down the south coast of Labrador and Fogo Island. Twitter was telling me the Hydro crews had trouble locating the cause of outages at both locations. Then when repairs made the power had trouble staying on due to high demand during ramp up.

NL Hydro was asking customers to CONSERVE power until power was fully restored and the system stabilized. Sort of reminds me of a little blog post back earlier this month.

So today we have North winds to 68 clicks and blowing light snow. Planes on hold and schools closed fro Makkovik and Rigolet. Mean temp of 11 is giving =25 wind chills, which is not bad on the grand scheme of things.

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