Sunday, January 06, 2013

Well that was a kool day so to speak. Started off normal with rather a nice day with -21 to-15 temps, light winds made it even more comfortable.

Then around 9:45am the power went out. Power came back on some minutes later but only for a very brief time.

Power restored fully (after several blips) at 6:25pm. Almost 9 hours with no power in -24 wind chills creates a lot of stress on many people.

The lowest inside temp at our house was +13, that would have been hard to maintain had the outage gone on any longer.
Plus there is a storm alert issued for the whole of the coast, it is -39 wind chill this morning.

Why it took a repair crew 6 hours to get in from Goose Bay by chopper is a puzzle.Why part of the town was restored in minutes after chopper touch down is a puzzle (especially considering there was a crew in town at the time).
Why the power was not rotated to other parts of the town is a puzzle. (especially considering that that is a stated possibility if the one dodgy unit fails again according to a NLH press release).

The issue with our power supply is that all this aggro and lack of reliable generating capacity was all avoidable, if only NL Hydro practiced due diligence and higher quality maintenance and repair practices we would not be in the pickle that we find ourselves in.

One unit broken down and unrepairable, one unit in dodgy state (the one causing all the tripping) and one unit in good repair but for how long considering the situation.

I would hope the town burgers (or whoever it is in charge of the towns well being) would ask of NL Hydro some very serious questions and demand some serous replies.

One demand should be that the public has a right to be informed in an honest and timely manner, this is not the case to date.
Another demand should be that a public meeting is in order to inform and be informed, we need hydro management in attendance with the facts and what has been put in place to mitigate and improve what is clearly and inferior electricity generating facility.

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