Thursday, January 10, 2013

Beautiful clear evening last night, bright sparkling stars, highlighted when the power went out at 6pm. Came back up 25 minutes later.

I am not sure when it will go out again (the power that is), the lights dim ever so slightly every now and then, and the heart flickers each time.

The New Years fireworks finely got the go ahead last evening too, weather and other things held them up. Personally I think the fireworks should have been sold off and the monies raised donated to NL Hydro to be put toward a modern, efficient electricity generating unit.

Sticking with that theme, there seems to be two trains of thought on power conservation. Some of the libertarian bent say screw NL Hydro and their asking people to conserve energy by restricting the use of Christmas lights. They argue that most modern lights are of the LED type (but not all) that use very little power.
While I agree with the LED low power concept I have trouble reconciling that with every household having all their lights on all the time.

I think the main reason for the call to conserve has a community spirit aspect (maybe not NL Hydro's intent) but it has that effect.

Many did take the call to heart and limited outdoor lights use, and I believe it extended further than that, it made people aware of other over uses of appliances and such indoors.

Why Fran has even reverted turning lights off, using candles and to almost no use of our washer over this time frame, choosing to soak items in the laundry tub and then doing them by hand.

Hows that Mr. Mayor who choose to keep his outdoor Christmas lights on, and has no home phone so no one can contact him in case of emergencies. 

So I think some community spirit out trumps selfish short sighted, we will show them Hydro folks something  bullshit.

Speaking of selfish short sighted Mayors. The man hi-self came out of hibernation to give an interview on how things are not progressing all that well for the town.

Seems the plan is to sit back with a hymn and a prayer and hope the nice sweet words of assurances from the PR department of NL Hyro work out.

From all that light flickering I some how doubt it. Better post this before it is too late.

All these power stresses, stores that are stocked like it is the 1980s all mean bugger all when one hears news like this, power to nature and the killer wales.


Anonymous said...

My understanding of the diesel plant in Nain is that it has 3 generators, 1 of which is for backup and to run during maintenance. If this is correct why was there a warning to conserve energy if 2 generators were operational during the holidays? Can 2 generators not provide the town with enough energy during peak times? Gilbert Bennett of Nalcor did say during the panel discussion on Muskrat Falls that if power demands could not be met by the current generation that additional generation would be provided.

Shammickite said...

You;re having so much trouble with the hydro, but make sure you're careful with the candles! Bet the TV doesn't work well using candle power.

Brian said...

All the stories say there are 3 Gen sets here Anonymous. One of which has broken down completely, and depending on what day it is how it is going to be replaced. The latest is mid February to get a block and drive shaft in and for it to be rebuilt using parts of the old unit.This is what NL Hydro call a new unit.
Of the remaining two units one keeps giving trouble and needs constant monitoring. NL Hydro claim two units can meet the demand, they may but are overworked IMP, hence the outages.

WE are very careful Sham, Fran is the holder of the candles and does a great job monitoring them.
We can get by without the TV, but harder without the computer.