Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Nothing earth shatteringly exciting happened to bring in the new year in our house. Happy New years one and all.

I have made a resolution though, first one ever, Fran seems happy with it. 

The weather has all been south of us again, we have a wind and blowing snow warning issued now but I dont see us getting hit too hard.
Temps are mild sitting at -5 for some time now.

I did manage to sit through a whole game of hockey, Canada Russia, could never do that with NHL.

Here is a photo of the last rime I will wear my favorite lined shirt

Out it goes today, Fran is happy, cant comprehend the aggro about this, it only has frayed collars, couple small rips on the sleeves and a large rip one side at the bottom.

1 comment:

Shammickite said...

I hope santa Claus brought you a new one . (Shirt that is)