Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm getting e mails from friends in Toronto to New Hampshire about them being colder than we are, well yes, but what can I say but grin and bear it. NH had -20 and -35 chills.

Seems the big city folk have to go through the same pains we do, lowing thermostats, not using large appliances etc. On the plus side for us is- we are used to it for the most part, and we dont have to worry about public transport, snow plows blocking our drive ways with piles of snow and the like.

Harking back to the story on caribou and those reported animals near Border Beacon. Well there are at least 31 less live animals now.
A group from Natuashish traveled in and harvested 31 I am told.

No surprise to anyone around this area.

There is an urgency for some action by Government, but we wont hang by the short and curlies waiting.

Saying it was a productive meeting and all agree that something needs to be done and agree to meet again in couple months does not seem to cut the mustard.
Not that the Aboriginal groups have any power of legislation and enforcement, but harsher words of reality may have been another way of dealing with it.

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