Friday, January 04, 2013

Not a lot of active stuff going on here at moment, takes time to get ramped up after the holiday season.

We did have a house fire the other evening, totaled inside and no one was hurt. I know there are house fires all over, but they hit particularly hard in remote communities. When you consider about six houses are built every year we can hardly afford the loss of one, and some times more, a year.

The sea ice is not that safe yet what with the warmer temps, snow and wind not giving it a chance to strengthen.

We missed the snow storms of south, Hopedale and south seemed to have been hit hard. I know a lot of volunteer work was done in Hopedale shoveling peoples homes and offices out. It was so deep even skid doos were getting stuck and needing to be towed out.

The picture is a shot of one of the Hopedale teachers residences, lots of people turned up to help dig put.

Makkovik was hit hard too all but shutting the town down for some days.

The temperatures are supposed to drop this week so the ice should firm up, but who knows for how long these days.

Hydro plant uperty date: For what it is worth the spokesperson for Hydro now says there is a new unit to be choppered in some time soon. Be interesting to fined out the size of the new unit, then the size of the chopper. Also is it a new new unit of a refurbished new unit, its all in the words in it?

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