Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another light snow white day for the most part Friday. Lifted later in day, planes managed to get in under iffy conditions.

Just listening the the news, the plane that was missing in the Antarctic has been located. News briefs had people putting a positive bent to the high hopes of finding the crew of three alive.

Alas that does not seem to be the case. A chopper located the crashed plane at high altertude and no sign of survivors. Sad if that is in fact correct.

Twin otters operating in harsh frigid environments always resonate with people of the north.

Without any public announcements of any kind some how a good crowd gathered at the school gym for a special presentation Friday afternoon.

Three local people were presented with the Queens Jubilee medal, better late than never they say.

The well compensated person who supposedly represents Labrador in Ottawa (more commonly known as an MP) presented the medals to retired chief elder David Harris, man of many hats and past president of Nunatsiavut Jim Lyall and last but not least Susan Frances Williams ONL, past president of LIA and many other hats.

                                                                 Sean Lyall photo; edit by me.

Fran can add this one to the Queens Golden Jubilee medal of 2002, the Confederation medal of 1992 and of course the Order of Newfoundland of 2012.

I would be remiss if I did not mention another balls up in communications for this event. Or rather lack of any announcements that the event would or could take place weather permitting.

Someone on federal level knew, persons within the community new, as the MP had lined up meetings after the presentation. Still nothing of an official pronouncement of it taking place.

This not not an anomaly, it is rather the way things go in this community. I dont know if it is different other places, but one would think in the year 2013 with all modern technologies available that a communications strategy could be worked out, one where ample time and community wide notice could be given for all sorts of events and goings on.

If not for Facebook and members of the families of some of the recipients hardly anyone would have know about yesterdays event.
Many were surprised to hear of the event after the fact, the vast majority of the town that is.

Word is that another bunch of caribou (around 30 ) have been taken by the Innu. it is not illegal to hunt deer, but surely it must be bordering on the immoral and irresponsible.

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