Tuesday, March 09, 2010

We are getting some light snow, just enough to make it very difficult for walking around [snow on ice is twice as slippery, plus it is hiding all the bumps and impressions. Let’s hope we get a decent dump of the white stuff, but we won’t count on it.

Fran was busy with interpreter duties Saturday so we took off for a short outing inland. Siutik is starting to get used to running with the ski doo and she has a good route picked out through the woods no, as long as the snow is hard packed that is.

Bad boy of Siutiks litter Upik has a new temporary home at the NAWC next door. Upik has a knack of either escaping from his tether or being let off deliberately making him vulnerable for pick up by the dog catcher.
I bailed him out once and he escaped custody another time before I could pay the bailiff.

Anyway long story short, the NAWC had fears for Upik in the long term so he negotiated with the previous owner and here he is next door soon to be at our house soon to be shipped south if all goes as planed.
Barring that plan there is always a plan B.

New potential owner bonding with Upik, more bonding to do yet as he is more interested in me at the moment, just takes time and loving care and he will come around.

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