Friday, March 26, 2010

Good bit of snow yesterday and overnight, this is what it looked like early this morning.

It has been trying to clear since about 9, finely some sunny breaks now at 1:30. Lot’s of people anxious for the mail to get in I bet it being the last week of the month.

Couple of days ago I noticed some flocks of snow birds while walking along the shoreline. This morning there were some in the willows across the road from the house. Siutik noticed them too, off she went lopping through the fresh snow making out she was a Springbok. All that energy just after arriving back from a run up to the dame and back, she just loves plowing through fresh snow.

8 minutes later upurtydate: Gone from calm and sunny breaks to the sun being obscured in blowing snow, going out in it anyways.

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