Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gotcha at last.

I have been trying to snap Siutik in this pose for ages, finely succeeded last evening. She even gets right over on her back with here head straight down her body at times.

Any other time she bolts upright at any movement of me with camera. The reason for her relaxed state is; she had two runs yesterday besides me on ski doo, one in the morning of about 7 k and an afternoon one of 3 k.

Initially she took of at high speed, up to 40 KPH and then slowed; being smart she now takes of at a slower and more constant speed of around 20 to 22 KPH and sustains it.

I am told on of Siutiks fans, Leila of the high chair and dropping food for Siutik, mentioned Siutik out of the blue recently, cute or what.

Good old steak and snags accompanied by guacamole and cheese stuffed spuds. One of Frans [and every bodies] favorites, almond biscotii, great with coffee or tea or on there own.

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Bit of a drop in the temperatures overnight, down to - 21 and wind chill of -28, more like it.


Anonymous said...

My Grand-dog, Molly the Greyhound likes to sleep that way too~~Preferably on the sofa ~~ after gradually forcing her humans onto the floor!! (bad breath and snoring) from Lynne in St. Catharines.

Shammickite said...

I think all dogs assume that sleeping position from time to time. My grandpuppy golden doodle Tessa does it too.
I see I missed out on another tasty dinner.