Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Traditional Irish Blessing - E-Water

If this does not bring a tear to ye eye on this St.Patrick's day then nuth'n will. Have a good one.

Traditional Irish Blessing - E-Water


Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian. It is so pretty I put it onto my facebook page to share with friends.
from Lynne in St. Catharines
P.S. The daffodils are up about 5 inches. (not to rub it in...(LOL)

The Pathfinder said...

While in Savannah for surgery, I finally had a chance to see the big St.Pat's day they make of it. Boy do those folks take that day some serious. Nice parades too. Plenty of brew of course, but no one would bring me any-lol.

Brian said...

Hope your surgery went OK and you recoup quickly. Was wondering your whereabouts.

Hope you had ample coverage; they did not change your hair style [like the Danny]
while in post op did they

The Pathfinder said...

They were terrible on the hair. To think I got all slicked up to see them too. They also took out a 6.8kg Hernia mass, and a 7.7kg strip of flesh that had a series of bad incisions from a prior surgery by a total loon. Got rid of what I called, my second belly button, and saved the real one-lol Apparently I was pretty funny during the surgery, When I woke up, the entire surgery team was there in recovery, about 14 people. I have no idea what I said, but I know I was chattering away. I wonder what those folks hear on a daily basis-lol