Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walking yesterday was great underfoot what with the fresh snow being compacted by ski doo traffic and the cold.

Breathing was an issue at times with some gusts sucking my breath away, kept me upright too. Coming home I felt like a spinnaker on a yacht.

No trouble for Siutik who never ceases to amaze me in how she revels in the cold and fresh snow.

Fran had her 6? Birthday too, wanted the cake last evening and lamb roast today. The cake is nothing fancy but everybody said good things about it, the double layer of chocolate cream cheese frosting was my favorite. Lots of phone call from all over and facebook messages too.

Another day of clear and cold by looks of things.


Rick_&_Karen said...

Nalliuniqsiutsiarit Fran!!!!

Hope that is correct!

Table Mountains said...

Happy Birthday Fran!

dogbait said...

"Suck your breath away". Mine would stop for good at those temperatures!