Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This old timer suddenly appeared in a backyard recently, not sure what the future is for the wooden boat but its past sure would have been I interesting. Seeing as you can see through some gaps

between the planking there is a lot of work ahead for someone, sure be nice if it can be restored.

This week CBC had at least three reporters in Natuashish to cover the on going attempts in that community to come to grips with running their own affairs. CBC had reporters in there doing stories pre and post public meeting held yesterday, there is a large microscope on the town and I am not sure if that helps or hinders the process of dealing with the issues at hand.

What I do know is the it seems like media overkill, in the rush to go to air with any Native Alcohol related stories the end result aired leaves lots to be desired. The video quality presented to date on the evening news hour is mediocre at best, and the stuff aired last evening accompanied by Darrow McIntyre’s commentary was just plain amateurish.

Meantime here in Nain yesterday at the launching of a new Labrador produced school book THE POLAR BEAR IN THE ROCK; TWO WINDOWS ON THE WORLD drew zero reporters from CBC or any other outside media.

The book is about the legend told by locals of the image of a polar bear that can often be seen in a rock face overlooking the town. It is in both English and Inuktitut.

The mythological stories are accompanied by a non fiction description of the local geology.

All this is accompanied by some nice drawings depicting scenes from the stories told.


The Voyage of The Wanderbird said...

G'day Brian, G'day Fran. Sending you our best from the south,,,,,way south. We look forward to returning to Labrador and Nain in late July. We would love to have a copy of that book aboard and , if possible , a dozen or so to sell to our Labrador guests. Any idea how to best do that, maybe directly from the Author. Nakkumek, Rick and Karen Miles

Brian said...

I will make some inquiries about the book Rick. Hi to Karen for us.

otisbirdsong said...

Hello, I'm a friend of Josh's that has found your blog through, I'm interested in a book also...if you could post or reply (once you've found information) about how to buy. I'll also email Josh to give him a heads up about my interest in the book...