Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some shots from my quick run around the interior of the new NG building.

Two views of the entrance foyer and reception desk, very impressive indeed with its anorthosite floor and more than enough space.

Also view of the board room, bottom floor left and the top of the main stair well.

There is a nice large vestibule to the right at the top of the stairs leading to offices. A view from the end of one of the hall ways and the office of El Presidente. Nice floor and plenty of space. The First minister’s office is almost as large and on the opposite corner of the building.

Some of the carvings and crafts shown through the building.

The fish is in a small vestibule off the main foyer. What a great piece of work this is, unusual too, it drew quite a bit of attention.

The others shown are in two areas of the board room.

All in all very nice inside, the moving in of all the staffs gear starts today.

Just a little update on the post of the opening ceremonies, what I mistook for a rope was actually a seal skin trace line and the cutting of it was done by two elders and two younger women.

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