Friday, March 19, 2010

T’was for the most part a rest and recuperation day for the dog and I yesterday. Don’t ya just hate it when there is cigarette ash in the key boards in the morning, Fran and her online scrabble buddies?

I tried something different in the fish cakes, it will remain a secrete, but there was good reviews on the three vegetable/three cheese/herb sauce side dish.

The three apple/peach crisp was OK too.

Maybe if I had added a third fish type to the cakes?

We have had an unusual request vis a vis our forth coming trip. Some one does not want the usual T shirts or koalas, or the mini boomerang, didgeridoo and the like as gifts. Nope they want some dried peas and beans. Can’t say I blame them as they are very good.

Just a little upurty date on the ski doo and the green garbage box story in the Labradorian.

The comments section in particular, and not particularly mine. I could not agree more with the other two.

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