Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bit on the chilly side in it, -32 wind chills. Supposed to stay in that range all day and into tomorrow in it, the good news is the sun will shine [in the days that is].

For the first time this winter there is good depth of snow on the sea ice and ponds, at least there was yesterday. It will be kind of rough when the wind blown ridges firm up, but for now no trouble plowing through them. Now if we had only had this way back in January.

St. Anthony has their flag at half mast, Labrador City is calling fowl and in Happy Valley Goose Bay they are dancing in the streets.
And all over the reconfiguring of an air ambulance service. Never mind peoples health and well being, it’s all about the jobs in it.

Just one comment on this, it was politics that had the air ambulance in St. Anthony in the first place. What goes around comes around.

Meantime just down the trail a bit there is good news for most, they voted to keep the alcohol ban.

I wonder with all the publicity this issue has attracted that now more efforts will be put into tracking down and prosecuting the bootleggers and drug dealers/suppliers.
It would look funny if the alcohol suppliers were prosecuted would it not, Govt of NL v Govt of NL.

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