Sunday, January 22, 2006

With the obvious reality that the candidates and their parties in this election have nothing to say to the People of Northern Labrador, we now switch to something very calming and tranquil.

Yesterday we visited the school gym that housed the touring; “Quilt of Belonging”.

Well one third of it any way.

What a very impressive work of art it is too. Photos and books do not do it justice. An incredible display of cloth, sealskin, wool, shells, linen, hides, and a myriad of other articles and material make up this visually stunning and emotional work.

Kudos to all the people who partook in this work, and to sponsors who are helping in its travels around the country. Shame it could not get to more towns, Nain is the only other place out side St. John’s in this province. It is off to Northern Canada on Tuesday.

The object of this project is to bring people together, its 263 panels represents 71 Aboriginal groups and 192 immigrant nationalities found in Canada. The 40 ft section that made it to Nain was awesome; I can only imagine what the whole 120 ft work would have looked like.

The people traveling with this work are very informative and helpful; their stories of the artists involved are very compelling with tales of hardship i.e. dealing with being away from their birth country, as well as happy tales of their proud ness in being a part of Canada and being asked to partake in this project.


Stephen Eli Harris said...

Beautiful work indeed! I would have loved to see it up close and touch it, if they let you do that of course.


Table Mountains said...

they had it housed in the rooms for a while.saw it on cbc a week or so's to bad they couldn't show it more around the province.