Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My day is made II,

Thank you too to Steve at Newfoundlandgreenparty. Blogspot for linking also. I just have to mention this, I wonder if there is an NL green party blogspot? Wally will be proud of me, eh?

We did miss the worst of the storm last 4 days, only 39 cm of snow compared to 107 in central Labrador and 70 odd in Wabush. Sun is out now with some winds to around 60 clicks.

Sure hope the 8 people caught out in storm between Rigolet and Goose Bay are holed up in a cabin and OK. One is only six and just out of hospital.

This brings me to the closed weather station in Gander. I did not see any great warning signs of this storm from the Environment Canada weather site I may have missed it, but a story on ‘here & now’ last evening makes me think not. Seems the official site did not have any storm warnings, but the weather office at 5 wing GB did have warnings but were not picked up by Environment Canada, until after the fact. If this is true then this is one more reason to have a good think about what is going on in the federal level vis a vis this province. I know for sure that we often do not get storm warnings for the coast until they have hit.


Table Mountains said...

hi again brian,
here's an url to atlantic canada newspapers and i noticed northern labrador has no local papers.
only happy valley,goosebay area and lab city!


Brian said...

Yes, no msm media coverage up here. CBC GB does cover this area, better be a drinking or Aboriginal corruption angle for an in depth look though. Not Goose Bay’s fault, St.John’s calls the shots in media too.
There is local coverage at Okalakatiget Society by radio and TV. I have been assured by management at CKOK that their web page will be updated, modernized and maintained in the near future, I hope so.


Stephen Eli Harris said...


To answer your question, yes there is a NLgreenparty.blogspot.com.

Unfortunatly, there wasn't sufficient room for newfoundlandandlabradorgreenparty and I made the mistake of accidently creating it w/ just Newfoundland. Because I've spent countless hours promoting the current URL, I will not be switching over to the new Blog until after the 23rd.

Believe me, there was no intention to forget Labrador. I'm from Churchill Falls myself (born and raised) and I know how important things like this are.

About the snow; CRAZY! I mean, it's not surprising but it's crazy that it came out of nowhere. Tsk, Tsk on removing the Gander weather station. Sheesh!

Great to hear that those individuals are safe though. Thanks for letting us know.


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