Monday, January 16, 2006

As Clint said

My day has been made.

I have been linked from Liam’s blog at ‘responsible government league’. I like Liam’s blog; he is a prolific blogger with a conservative bent, while having a social conscience. He reminds me a bit of a modern day Labor party guy, as in Blair’s Labor party of the old dart. Liking and agreeing with all he says is another story.
I like his nemesis Ed at the ‘Sir Robert Bond papers’ too, Ed’s political philosophy is more like mine, but for some reason Ed puts me on my guard, especially during this election. Perhaps it’s ingrained in me to take PR trained types with a good dose of caution.
I’m starting to find more and more bloggers from this Province, Liam is doing his best to link too many. Labrador boggers are out there too, I have yet to find one as prolific as the aforementioned ones.
Wayne over at ‘Table Mountain’ is doing a great job of promoting his part of the province, Not sure if he is having problems or not, but I am not getting his comments section at the bottom of his page of late.
If I get the inclination, and the skill sets, I would like to do something like the above mentioned some day.

Looks like we may miss the worst of the storm hitting south of here. We did get a good dump of snow over night and the wind was blowing some. Now it looks like it may clear, let’s hope so as I have already cleared snow from three buildings, be a bummer if I have to go back and do them again tomorrow. I almost got swiped by a good size flock of snow birds this morning, man they are early for here, and one wonders what changes are in store climate wise, no one going out on limb that I have spoken to with projections.


Table Mountains said...

brian,click your restore button,top right hand corner of the page.that should do the trick and get the rest of my blog showing.i have the same trouble sometimes using internet explorer.
firefox seems to open it all

Stephen Eli Harris said...


I too have linked to your site. I spent a whole day looking for other Newfoundland and Labrador blogs and now have quite a nice list worked up, yours included. I've posted it both of my blogs.

Thought you'd like to know,


Brian said...

Thanks TB,
It worked, as I mentioned, my skill sets need work.

Brian said...

That should read TM.

Table Mountains said...

i recently got interviewed by the local paper traffic has really increased this morning from the locals.

a site meter on your page will also give you info on who's visiting,how long,where they are and much more.
here's a's free!

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I use stats counter for all my counting needs... well, when it comes to online traffic anyway.


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