Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It is almost over.

Well it’s been a nice quite Christmas, mostly with family and a few friends. Weather has been co operative with no major storms. Nice and even temperatures with lows of around -23 and highs in the – mid teens, perfect really. We have enough snow that walking is easy, very crunchy underfoot. Winds have been light to moderate too so we don’t have any large build ups yet.
I am looking towards the 6th, while my wife is not a practicing Moravian she still likes to practice the full Christmas season, from advent to epiphany. Loves to hang stockings for the younger children, and the not so young. It does seem to me a bit drawn out being raised in the Anglican faith, most of the time with a rather tight fisted and strict moralist reverend. So Saturday we can take down the tree and all the decorations.
Out doors it’s rather noisier than previous years, a lot more snow mobiles [ski doos] on the go. Everything from kids models up to 1000cc four stroke jobs. To their credit the four strokes are quieter, and use a lot less gas. Pity we do not have adequate traffic regulation enforcement, some people drive way too fast around town. This was tolerable in years past; now with the number of machines it is getting out of hand.
Not a lot of game being taken, some partridge, fewer caribou. After Christmas many ski doos went west up past Pearly Gates. One group of three shot the 4 deer they spotted. Over a number of days at least 40 ski doos must have headed in that way, all came home without deer. I see that there are a number of colored deer south of here, inside Hopedale and Davis Inlet. In through Pearly gates is at least 140 to 150 clicks, so it’s a good day’s trip in and out. What a trip it is too, through a series of winding brooks, small to large ponds, all wooded until you start to climb and get past the gates. After the Pearly Gates there is a some short shrubby stuff, and then it is all just rolling low hills, what is known as the barrens. No sign posts in there so you never know if you are in Quebec or still in NL.
So happy New Year to all.

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