Friday, January 27, 2006

Torngats best pizza.

Made up 4 styles of pizza yesterday for our Daughters birthday. 2 of the grand kids came up also; the other one in town could not as Matthew had chicken pocks.

Pizza on left is more the Canadian traditional with meat, sauce, peppers, mushrooms and extra cheese. One on right is vegetarian, broccoli, zucchini, peppers onions, half with cottage cheese half with mozzarella. The small one at back is mine, olives, anchovies and all the other goodies. Nice salad on the side made for a great meal
Had a nice Australian Shiraz to accompany the great meal, made it from a wine kit, just starting to get some body in it.

Matthew spent all night avoiding getting his picture taken by his sister and myself, I did manage to get one frontal shot of him but will not embarrass him, so put this one up instead.

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Stephen Eli Harris said...

Wow! I'm a huge pizza fan and those pizza's look freakin' amazing. I really shouldn't be lookin' at such delicious things though; I'm on a diet. Damn!

Oh, and I added your blog to an NL blogroll if you're interested. You can add the list of all NL blogs on yours if you want. Just grab the code found here: