Sunday, January 15, 2006

No, I do not have a runny nose, that is a snow flake

Well we finely have some fresh snow, man it is great out doors, -11 and the snow is really light and fluffy.

This is to say hi to my buddies down under.

My cyber buddy ratsy, also known as Pat, who lives in Brisbane. Ratsy is a real tiger of a lady who loves fun, country music and aussie rules. Also has a heart as big as the Great Barrier Reef.

My old buddy Barry who lives down Wollongong. You must be having trouble with the heat for sure now, how about coming for a cool off, no Reshes pilsner here though. Barry introduced me to left of centre political views, alas he has converted to the other side, I’m sure he has good reasons to.

Lastly, to a real good golfing and drinking buddy, Ron. Ron sadly is up in the big golf links in the sky now. Ron passed away when we were down under for a visit in 2001. We did manage to see him twice, I’m glad my wife was able to meet him, pity we did not get more time together.

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