Saturday, January 21, 2006

One last kick at the Weasel

Ed Broadbent said it best imho, “the Liberals have lost the moral authority to govern”. Also, to paraphrase Layton, “all that is left is a stinking hulk of the Liberal ship”.
It is too early to say for sure, but if the Liberals do go down Monday then I think they deserve to go down in a big way. I gives me no pleasure in seeing it if they do, but the way they have governed for the last 13 years, and especially the way they have run and conducted them selves in this campaign, they deserve no less.
It also would give me no pleasure in seeing a Harper Conservative government, but I don’t see the wheels coming off the country, especially if enough people can come to their senses and vote NDP. I do not understand people who say the NDP look scary, then go out and vote for the Libranos or the Conservatives, crazy or what?

Some of the arguments to not vote Conservative coming out of Labrador amazes me too. Where have some people been living? They claim that Aboriginal rights will be extinguished, that Aboriginal titles will be denied, culture and language will erode, assimilation will begin.
Well my question to them would be; "what the hell do you think has been happening for the last decades"?
All of the above concerns have been happening at an alarming rate in Labrador, especially in the lead up to the signing of the Inuit Land Claims deal. I’m pretty sure that Aboriginal title has been extinguished in the LIA deal. An exception to that is in Labrador Inuit Lands, a very small area indeed.
The structure of the Nunatsiavut Government is more on the lines of the European model than any Inuit model. The retention of language and culture has become secondary to economic development at any and all cost. To hell with the environment, to hell with the Language is the mantra of the day. There are pockets of resistance, but are given lip service by their own and outside leadership.
So I see this “scary Conservatives” coming out of Liberal lips as hypocrisy of the worst kind. At best they are ill informed.

The call to vote smart is a good one; time will tell how many smart people we have out there.


Stephen Eli Harris said...

Time will tell indeed. It'll certainly be interesting to see what happens on the 23rd.

Seeing you brought it up, the Greens are definatly leading the way when it comes to aboriginal rights. We respect diversity and it shows in our platform. In addition, we've recieved many letters of endorsment from aboriginal people all over the country.

Time for change is definatly needed and changing back to the Conservatives is not the way I'd like to see Canada head.

There are 3 parties on the left right now and only 1 on the right. That should tell us that the majoritiy of people want to stay on the left. I really can't understand why so many are now going right. It just doesn't make sense to me. Then again, this is poll feedback that I'm refering too and I really don't like to take notice to such things. In fact, I believe they should be banned because it only clouds judgement and promotes stratigic voting. I'm not down with that.


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